Want To Get A New Shower Door? 3 Ways To Spice Up This Addition

Certain features in a bathroom can last several decades with ease such as the sink and floors. You may have noticed that your shower door looks worn down and is ready to be replaced. One option is to get an exact replacement with newer parts so that you can go another few decades without a problem. But, you can also go a little more in-depth to spice up your bathroom with this replacement. It is best to analyze certain features to end up with a shower door that makes a noticeable impact on looks.

Go Creative with Handles

One of the first things that you will need to decide on is how you are going to open the shower door. If you want a swing shower door, you could get the same kind of door handle as your front door. But, you will have an enormous selection of handles and bars to choose from for the door that you choose. One option is to start a new color scheme in the bathroom with the framing and handles in the same finish.

Consider Glass Options

Another detail that comes with getting a new shower door is the type of glass. For instance, you can go with standard clear glass that does not provide any privacy on its own. This may be fine for your situation because you may not intend on having anyone else in the bathroom when someone is showering. It is also an option to choose frosted glass to provide automatic privacy to anyone in the bath or shower area. If you are not too worried about privacy, but more about looks, you can also find a glass type in between clear and frosted with a certain design or etching that adds to the bathroom's attractiveness.

Try Out Frameless

If you have had a framed shower door for several decades, you may not know what it is like to enjoy a frameless shower door aside from when you see them in homes of family and friends. But, the beauty of them is not only in their looks, but that they are so much easier to maintain. This is not something that you will experience as a guest in a friend's house, so it is a detail that you just have to imagine.

Spicing up your bathroom is easy when you consider all these options for a new shower door. For more ideas, contact a business like Master Glass & Mirror LLC.