Accessorizing Your Shower Enclosure: Three Ways To Customize Your Setup

Adding a shower enclosure to your bathroom can bring a spa-like feel to the room, but choosing the right accessories can complete the look perfectly. As you plan your bathroom renovation, you'll want to consider accessories in advance. They can be planned as part of the shower installation to ensure a seamless appearance. Here are some accessories to consider for your new shower enclosure.

Unique Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors with clear glass construction can offer a beautiful look, but there are other designs that can being a more custom feel to your space. Glass shower doors with etched mosaic patterns, for example, offer a modern touch while also providing a bit of added privacy. The etching distorts the view from outside the shower, making this option ideal for shared bathrooms or for those who want a more modest touch. You can also find shower doors with frosted finishes, intricate laser etchings, and even colored glass. Talk to your contractor about the different options and what might work in your existing space.

High-End Plumbing Hardware

Installing a new shower enclosure gives you the opportunity to create a relaxing oasis in your home. As you plan your install project, consider some of the different options for shower heads and other types of hardware. You can choose a waterfall shower head for the feeling of showering in the outdoors, or you can choose a steam shower to help relieve stress and soothe your whole body. Some hardware features built-in LED lighting to create a unique glowing effect in the shower. Visit your local hardware store to get inspiration and to compare features between these different options.

Bars And Shelves

Having shampoo and soap bottles lined along the floor in your shower can detract from the overall look in your bathroom. Adding plenty of racks and shelves can restore order to a tidy bathroom to give it that clean, simple appearance you want. You can work with your contractor to install towel bars on the shower door as well as inside the shower. These bars can be used to hold everything from washcloths to loofahs, and sturdy towel bars can even double as grab bars for added stability. Install shelves or shower nooks to hold shampoos and soaps, and consider adding a row of small hooks for bath brushes and sponges to hang on. The goal should be to have everything built into the shower enclosure so there's no need for purchasing additional storage accessories after the fact.

For more information, contact a custom shower enclosure service.