Four Reasons You Need an Auto Glass Replacement

The structural integrity of your windshield is crucial to your overall safety while operating a vehicle. While minor chips and cracks can happen very easily, it is always important to get them checked out by a professional to determine whether or not you need windshield repair or a full auto glass replacement. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a windshield replacement.


The scratches on a windshield typically do not alter the safety of the auto glass as a whole, but they can lead to lower visibility for the driver. When a driver cannot see clearly out of the windshield, it can become dangerous for them and everyone else on the road. Scratches can be caused by several different things, mainly the age of the auto glass. The best way to prevent scratches on your windshield is to keep your car covered while you are not using it, if possible. 


Chips can happen very easily, especially if you are driving close to a large truck or on gravel roads. The size of the chip will determine the course of action for you to stay as safe as possible on the roads. Small chips can usually be filled with resin and help your windshield to last a lot longer, but if a chip is larger than the size of a quarter you might have bigger problems on your hands. This size of the chip cannot be easily filled in and will more than likely result in the need for a windshield replacement. 


Cracks that are left untreated tend to grow over time and can become very dangerous for drivers as the structural integrity of the auto glass becomes compromised. If a crack is three inches or larger, then you can expect a full auto glass replacement. Once a crack on the windshield occurs, you can expect it to grow as the temperature changes outside. The best thing to do is to get it filled before it reaches three inches and then replace the auto glass if it exceeds three inches.

Car Accident

If you find yourself in an accident, it is always important to get your vehicle checked out by professionals, even if you don't see anything wrong with your windshield. Sometimes the auto glass can be damaged or weakened by a car accident, so you want to make sure your vehicle is safe and ready to drive before getting out on the roads again.