Adding A Frameless Shower Enclosure To Your Home

The type of shower enclosure that you have in your home can help you with determining the overall comfort of the house. However, there are many different types of shower enclosures, and making sure that you are informed about these options will be instrumental in allowing you to install the right shower frame for your home.

Myth: A Frameless Shower Door Will Let Water Out Onto The Floor

A common assumption about a shower door system will be that the frame is responsible for keeping water contained within the bathing area. This assumption leads to a belief that frameless shower doors will not be as effective due to their tendency to allow water to leak out. Yet, this is not a problem that a frameless shower door will experience as they utilize a series of seals and gaskets that will be able to close any gaps that may exist in these shower enclosures.

Myth: Installing A Frameless Shower Door Will Require Major Structural Changes To The Bathroom

The installation of a frameless shower door can be a relatively simple process if the home already has a shower installed. In most cases, a contractor will be able to simply remove the current shower door and frame so that they can be replaced with the frameless system. These shower enclosures will be relatively lightweight, and this can make it easy to incorporate them into a bathroom without needing to make structural changes to the floor or ceiling to accommodate these enclosures.

Myth: Frameless Shower Doors Are Not Suitable For Those That Need Safety Railing

Many individuals will experience mobility issues that can make using a shower or bath a difficult task. More specifically, these individuals can be at a risk of falling due to slipping or otherwise having balance issues. In order to be able to shower comfortably and safely, these individuals will need to use a shower enclosure that has safety railing or seats in it that can be used to by these individuals to comfortably and safely use their showers without the risk of falling. Luckily, a frameless shower enclosure will not impact your ability to install these safety features, which can keep it a viable option for those that have these health problems.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Balance Privacy With A Frameless Shower Door

As with other types of shower enclosures, you will have the option of choosing a frameless shower enclosure that has glazed or otherwise opaque glass that can be used to enhance the privacy of those that are using the shower.

Now that you know the truth about these myths, consider discussing your options with a frameless show door service