Options For Repairing A Chip Or Crack In A Glass Entry Door

When you notice a small chip or crack in the glass of your front entry door, you want to act quickly. Vibrations and temperature changes could cause the crack to spread without warning. Unlike a window you can leave alone if it's cracked, you'll have to use the entry door frequently, which puts strain on the glass. It might be possible to repair the glass, but it might need to be replaced. Here are the options for fixing the crack.

Using Acrylic Filler

When you call a glass repair company, the first thing the professional will do is assess the size and location of the crack. If it's too long, it is dangerous to fill it rather than replace the glass. Also, if the crack is near the frame, the crack may make the glass vulnerable to failing, so you'll probably need the entire pane of glass removed and replaced.

If the repair person determines the crack or chip can be filled, it is a fairly simple process. The crack is injected with a clear filler that bonds the crack together. When the filler dries, it is invisible, so the crack vanishes. To achieve this invisibility, the filler must be applied correctly and then smoothed over on top so there are no bumps. In addition, the top of the work area will be polished so excess filler is ground away. This leaves the surface of the glass clear and smooth.

Replacing The Glass Pane

If the crack can't be repaired safely, then the entire pane of glass will be replaced. The glass company may have a pane of the same size stocked right on the truck. If not, the glass will be secured until the pane can be ordered if necessary. Once the glass is ready to be put in, the glass company dismantles the frame to take out the glass and replace it with new glass. Then the door is restored to its original condition.

If you have to replace the glass anyway, it's a good chance to upgrade to energy efficient or treated glass. You may even want to switch from plain glass to frosted or patterned glass. You can have just about anything you want if the company custom makes the glass for you. Since it's an entry door, you may want to upgrade to security glass to make the door more secure.

While you might think about buying a windshield repair kit to fix the crack yourself, consider if it is worth the risk since you're dealing with an entry door. You may seal the crack, but you may leave behind an ugly bump or bubble that looks even worse. If you do mess up when you use over-the-counter crack filler, it might not be reversible. Then the only choice is to replace the glass to get rid of the eyesore.

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