Four Easy Rules To Care For The Protective Glass Table Cover You Have On Your Dining Table

One of the easiest ways to preserve the life of a large wooden dining room table is to have a glass service fit the table with a piece of custom-cut glass. This helps protect the expensive wooden surface of the table from things like nicks and spills. While having a glass covering for your dining room table is an excellent idea, having this feature in your home also means you have to be careful not to damage the glass. Take a look at these easy rules you should follow to maintain the protective glass table cover you have on your dining room table. 

Use insulated trivets when serving hot or cold dishes on the table. 

Unless you opt for a tempered glass table cover, the glass can be in danger of cracking if exposed to drastic changes in temperature that can come with placing a hot or cold dish on your table. For this reason, make sure you always use trivets to keep the bottoms of extremely hot or cold dishes and pans away from the glass. 

Make use of placemats during dinner time. 

The clank of glass plates, bowls, and cups against the glass can cause cracks with enough force or even if someone happens to drop their dish or eating utensils while they eat. So make sure you use padded placemats on the glass when you and your family are eating dinner at the table. 

Add small spacers between the glass and wood of the tabletop. 

When the glass is initially installed over the wood of your table, ask the contractor to use tiny spacers between them. Having just a tiny crack of airflow between the glass and the wood will help prevent problems. For example, if moisture gets trapped between the glass and wood, the glass can get stuck to the table and break when you try to pick it up. Having this tiny crevice between the glass and wood also makes it easier to grasp the glass to remove it when you need to do so for cleaning purposes. 

Always get help when removing the protective glass cover from the table. 

The glass cover will occasionally have to be removed for cleaning, but this is not a one-person job because a large piece of glass can be very heavy and awkward to maneuver without breaking it. Any time you pan to remove the glass cover, get another person to help you carefully lift the glass off the table and place it where it needs to be. 

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