How To Beautify Your Master Bathroom

Don't you just bless the person who came up with indoor bathrooms? And, aren't you glad that you can have a pretty bathroom that goes beyond practicality? If you're planning to make major changes to your master bathroom, here are some ideas that can give you both beauty and excellent functionality.

The Beautiful Part Of Your Master Bathroom - Think of things that you love in the rest of your home and include them in your bathroom design. 

  • If you selected an elegant chandelier for your living room, you would probably love one in your master bedroom, too.
  • If you fell in love with Mexican tile for your kitchen, carry that Mexican touch to your bathroom with Saltillo tiles on your floor.
  • If your outdoor patio is one of your favorite places to be, then select a botanical print for your bathroom wallpaper or hang plants
  • If you selected Mediterranean furniture for your family room, then think of a charming old-world look for your bathroom.

The Practical Part Of Your Master Bathroom - When you select new fixtures, think of the words state-of-the-art.

  • Select a toilet that saves on water and that has a bidet as part of the design.
  • When you're choosing the hardware for cabinets, select a finish that will be easy to maintain (for example, if you want a brass look, select fixtures that don't need polishing).
  • Choose something durable for your countertops—of course, stone, tile, granite, or marble are good choices, but consider concrete that is very affordable and can be faux painted to look like anything from wood to Italian marble or Mexican tile.
  • Go with a frameless shower door since it will go with whatever design you have selected for your decor—frameless shower doors are designed to last, are easy to maintain, and are so easy to install that you could probably do the job yourself.

Before you begin the remodeling of your master bathroom, set up an accordion file. Cut out pictures from decorating magazines, write down ideas you've had regarding the changes you want to make, and save price quotes and receipts. Include all of the information that has to do with your master bathroom in the accordion file. You'll be glad to have the file for easy references as you proceed to create a bathroom that you will enjoy for a very long time. For more information, contact local professionals like Hanover Glass.