Four Possible Reasons That Your Sliding Door Refuses To Slide

When starting your day, one of the first things that you do is unlock your doors. However, on this day, your sliding door refuses to slide. Don't force the door open; doing so can cause further damage to your door's hardware, and you can even break your door's glass by forcing it open. Check out some of the most common reasons that your glass door may not slide, and  learn what you can do about it.

1. The Rollers are Dirty

The rollers are the mechanism that permit your door to open and close. Check the rollers to see if you can spot any dust or debris. All it takes is one enormous dust bunny to throw your door's sliding mechanism into chaos.

Fortunately, dirty rollers are easy to fix. You can use a vacuum to remove most of the trash or dust. If there is hair or lint wrapped around the rollers, you can try to carefully remove it by hand. For severe tangles, replacing the entire roller is usually the best option.

2. The Rollers are Broken

Examine the rollers to see if they appear damaged. Cracks can make it impossible for the rollers to function as intended. If the roller is bent, the door will not slide.

A new set of replacement rollers will have your door sliding like it used to. The repair is a simple task for a glass door professional.

3. Your Door's Track is Damaged

The portion of the door where the rollers slide is referred to as the track. If the track is damaged, this prevents the rollers from moving like they are supposed to. The next step depends on the severity of the damage. Usually, you can position a bent track back into place using a hammer and a pair of pliers. Just hammer and manipulate it until the damage is gone and your door works.

If you cannot return the track to its original shape or if the door still won't slide, it needs to be replaced. This is an extensive process that requires removing the entire door.

4. The Screws are Missing or Loose

Your rollers have screws that help keep them appropriately positioned on the track. If these screws come loose, it interferes with the rolling process and can even damage the rollers or the track. First check that all of the screws on the rollers are firmly in position. If any of the screws are missing, you can find replacement screws at your local hardware store.

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