Designing A Bathroom That’s Comfortable For Everyone

The bathroom is an area of the house where different family members may disagree on design. So if you want to create a bathroom that everyone will feel comfortable in, consider these important tips for construction.

Thinking About Height Differences

The first thing to note is that a bathroom that is comfortable for the main decision maker of the home might not be perfectly designed for a spouse or child. When there are height differences between members of the family, there are a couple of good solutions. The first would be to have sinks at different heights. The layered design looks good, and it will help different family members reach the sink more easily. If you have a small child in the house, it may be necessary to also add a stepping stool. The same goes for toilets; small children may feel more comfortable with a stepping stool to help them get on and off the toilet.

Keeping Toiletries Out of the Way

Another issue of comfort, especially for neat freaks, is that of having an organized bathroom. Add four toothbrushes to the sink, as well as makeup and other toiletries for each person, and it gets cluttered quickly. Think about adding cabinets into the wall design, with one for each member of the family.

Finding the Right Bathtub/Shower Combo

The biggest point of contention in many households is whether to have a bathtub or a shower. Do yourself a favor and get a combination shower and tub. Glass shower enclosures can be placed around the setup to save some space and make the bathroom neater and brighter.

Having Heated Flooring

Here is one that everyone can agree upon: it sucks to step out of the shower and onto a cold floor. While bathmats solve some of that problem, you could go a step further by having radiant heated flooring in your bathroom and maybe even throughout the house.

If you're eager to get the bathroom design perfect for your whole family, perhaps a family meeting would help lay out everyone's expectations and hopes for a bathroom remodel or first-time construction. There is also the possibility of considering what guests might want out of the bathroom, but if you are successful at incorporating the many ideas of your family members into a bathroom design, there is a great chance that your bathroom will appeal to a wide variety of people.