Features to Include in Your Guest Bathroom

There are certain features that will be universally appealing to most of your guests. When you consider a guest bathroom, finding those upgrades that will impress people of all walks of life is key. Here are some of the features that are part of a great guest bathroom.

Neat Plumbing

Before you start adding decorative touches to your bathroom, check on the possibility for plumbing repairs. You might want to do a test first to see if you hear leaks or see any fixtures that have condensation on them when not in use (which indicates a leak). Also, consult a plumbing contractor to check the condition of plumbing fixtures and connections.

Sustainable Fixtures

The biggest upgrade you can make for sustainability is to replace toilets with low flow varieties. With each flush, you can save several gallons of water. But there is also the possibility of choosing water spouts that are low flow or aerated to reduce water use.

Glass Shower Enclosures

The addition of glass shower doors in your guest bathroom is as much for the guests as it is for you. For your guests, glass shower enclosures seem more elegant and luxurious than shower curtains. For yourself, they are easier to clean. If you are only in the guest bathroom every once in awhile, you may not notice mold accumulating on shower curtains. Glass shower enclosures are low maintenance, and you'll only need to rinse down bath scum after guests leave.

Upgraded Faucets and Showerheads

Why not treat your guests to the same luxury faucets and shower heads that you would use yourself? The best shower heads have many different pressure settings and water patterns so that guests can make the shower mimic what they're used to back home. For faucets, aerated water flow helps create the illusion of copious amounts of water but without the waste. Both can be bought in sustainable varieties so that you're consciously using water throughout the bathroom.

Warm, Inviting Finishes

Finally, top your bathroom off with some finishes that will add warmth to the entire room. When guests are away from home, a hot bath or shower to wash away the day will be a great comfort. And if you add smooth flooring, plush bath towels and robes, soft colors, and plump bath mats, you will be providing that much more of a feeling of home for guests for however long they're with you.

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