What Different Bathroom Finish Materials Say About You

Each design choice you make as a homeowner can be a way to reaffirm who you are and what your priorities are. And each material will have its own drawbacks and benefits. Read on to find out more about how different finishes work for different types of people.


Wood in bathrooms is a nice choice. Wooden walls are especially interesting because they provide a texture that's unique to find as a bathroom finish. With many plumbing fixtures being predominantly white because of the heavy use of porcelain, a nice wooden wall or floor provides a darker hue that adds contrast. If you do choose wood as a finish in the bathroom, just make sure it's treated to avoid collecting moisture.


Glass installation is an excellent choice for bathroom finishes. You can use it for bright bathroom cabinets as well as glass shower enclosures and mirrors. With plenty of glass in your bathroom, you help open up a space that is traditionally a little bit cramped and understated. With premium quality glass, you make the statement that you value every room in your home, even ones that you use mainly to brush your teeth.


Tile is a classic bathroom choice, but it can be done in a more upscale way as well. Think about ditching linoleum for premium tile colors and finishes. Subway tiles, for instance, refer to a smaller cut of tile with a more polished surface. If you opt to have tiles on the bathroom floor, be aware that they won't retain heat easily, so you should cover floors with bath mats -- at least under the toilet and near the shower entrance.

On the positive side, tile is easy to clean, and the surface will not collect debris as easily as some other surfaces. It's hard to penetrate, which means mold won't find an easy home with tile. Just make sure you stay on top of grout cleaning, because once something gets caked into the edges that connect tiles, it can be very hard to get out or to keep tiles the same color.


Brick, or other exposed foundations, can make a big statement when tastefully done. An exposed foundation naturally implies an unfinished and rough vibe, so you will want to counter that with having luxurious finishes and furnishings elsewhere in the room. Also be sure that exposed materials don't go so far as to be an electrical hazard.