5 FAQs About Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are becoming more and more popular because they are great for any bathroom. However, not all types of glass doors are perfect for every bathroom. If you are thinking of installing glass shower doors, check out these five FAQs.

What Is a Framed Glass Shower Door?

If a glass door is framed, it simply means it has a metal frame around the glass. Typically, framed glass shower doors are sliding doors, but it is possible to get a framed pivoting shower door. The sliding glass door works in place of the shower liner and sits on a track. They can be installed in just a shower or in a shower/tub combo. Sliding glass shower doors take up little to no space, making them a great option for smaller bathrooms. Thanks to the track, there is also little water leakage from the shower.

What Is a Frameless Door?

A frameless glass shower door lacks a frame. These types of shower doors are usually pivoting doors. Since they don't have the metal frame to fit in a track, they don't have the right functionality to slide open and close. Frameless doors are usually desired and preferred because they have the clean, modern look that people love. However, because the door must swing open and close, it takes up more room that a sliding door. You'll need to have enough space to be able to swing the door open. If your bathroom is too small, there simply may not be enough room for a pivoting door. Even if there is enough room, it may look too crowded.

How Much Do Glass Shower Doors Cost?

Glass shower doors do cost a lot more than a regular shower curtain and liner, and frameless doors are usually more expensive. If you choose frameless, expect to pay between $600 and $4,000, but that does include the doors and the installation. With a sliding, framed glass door, you'll save money on both the doors and the installation. A set of two-framed sliding glass doors cost about $100 to $300. That does not include installation, but they may be easy enough for you to install them yourself. Professional installation adds $300 to $600 to the cost.

Are There Privacy Options?

Not everyone loves the idea of glass shower doors because of the limited privacy. Some glass showers you see have completely clear glass, which can make some people uncomfortable. However, there are various privacy options available. For minimal privacy, you can choose tinted glass or glass with a pattern etched into it. On the other end of the spectrum, there are options that can offer total privacy, such as obscured and frosted glass.

Is the Glass Easy to Clean?

Another worry is that a glass shower might not be easy to clean, but that isn't necessarily true. You will need to keep the glass clean, especially if it is clear because it is easy to see soap scum, water stains, etc. Other glass options may block some of the grime.

Cleaning a framed glass shower door does require a little more work than a frameless door. You'll need to keep the glass and the track clean. The track can easily get filled with soap scum and other debris, which can affect how well the door slides. Also, you'll need to monitor the metal and keep it clean to prevent scratches and rust.

Glass shower doors are beautiful whether you get a pivoting door or a sliding door. If you've been thinking about upgrading your bathroom and installing a glass shower door, contact a contractor in your area today to get a consultation or to have your questions answered.

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