The Pros And Cons Of Storefront Hurricane Windows

If you have opened a store in a part of the country that may get hit by hurricanes, you may be considering installing storefront hurricane windows, also known as business impact windows. While there are many benefits associated with these windows, they are not ideal for every business. Taking the time to educate yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of installing them will help you decide whether you should have them installed on your store. Read on to learn a couple of the pros and cons of storefront hurricane windows. 

The Cons of Storefront Hurricane Windows

  • The Cost

The biggest downside to storefront hurricane windows, and the reason why more businesses do not have them, is the cost. These types of windows are significantly more expensive to buy and install than regular windows. If your business is on a tight budget or does not have a lot of extra money, coming up with the money for these windows can be tough, if not impossible. 

  • They Need to Be Maintained

The other disadvantage to these windows is that they need to be properly maintained in order to function as they should during a hurricane. The type of maintenance they need varies based on whether the frame is metal, wood or vinyl. But you can expect to have to perform more maintenance on them than you would a regular window. 

The Pros of Storefront Hurricane Windows

  • They Are Hard to Break

The greatest benefit associated with storefront hurricane windows is that they are hard to break. This helps them not only withstand the strong wind gusts and flying debris that are associated with hurricanes, but offers protection against burglars trying to break the window as well. 

  • You Can Get Insurance Discounts

The other advantage to installing these types of windows is that you may get a commercial insurance discount for installing them. This is because they help to minimize the chances of the insurance company needing to pay a claim for hurricane damage or burglary. This insurance decrease can help to offset the cost of these windows. 

Storefront hurricane windows do a fantastic job at protecting your store in the event of a hurricane. But that protection comes at a hefty price. Only you can determine if it is worth it or not. Learning and the windows will help you make a decision as to whether it is an investment that is right for your store. Contact a company, like A Christian Glass & Mirror, for more help.