Why Are Picture Windows So Advantageous For The Home?

Take a walk through just about any home, and you will see several different types of windows in place. However, if the home you are in is like many, you will notice one large fixed window, probably in the living room, dining room, or family room. The picture window is hands-down one of the most common decorative-purpose windows in the home, but why is the picture window such a popular trend that has stuck around in home design for so long? Here is a look at a few reasons why picture windows are an advantageous window choice for the home. 

Picture windows allow loads of natural light into a space

Because the picture window takes up so much wall space and is usually quite large, the amount of natural light it can provide in a room is pretty impressive. Natural light can be an advantage if you want to keep a room well lit without paying the cost to have extra lighting installed. Plus, a lot of natural light in a small space can actually make it appear and feel bigger,, which is always a bonus if you don't have the option to make a room physically bigger. 

Picture windows last a really long time because of their simple design. 

Picture windows do not have moveable parts like other types of windows in the home; they are instead a fixed frame that houses a rather large glass insert. Because the window does not open and close, it means it will probably have a fairly long lifespan compared to the other windows in the house. About the only damages you really have to be concerned about is breaking the glass, and even this problem can be combated if you opt for shatterproof glass for the window. 

Picture windows contribute to heat gain in the winter when you need it. 

If you want windows that will naturally allow in bright sunlight to make a room warmer in the winter months, a picture window is an excellent choice. These windows have no cracks and crevices to allow in drafts because of their fixed design, but if you want some natural sunlight-provided heat, the picture window is perfect. Therefore, this is an excellent winter-season window. Of course, if you would prefer not to have heat radiating through the window with the natural light, you should opt for UV-protecting glass that wards off heat transfer. 

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