Chipped Or Cracked Windshield - Should You Repair Or Replace It?

Automotive windshield glass is very durable and resistant to chipping and breaking because it is a special type of safety glass manufactured differently than other types of glass. However, when a big enough rock from the roadway is flung up and hits your windshield, it can chip or crack it.

If your car's windshield was hit and now has a crack or chip, then you have a few different options. 

Automotive Windshield Repair

If you are fortunate and the rock made a small crack or only took a chip of glass out of the windshield, then it can be repaired and doesn't need to be replaced. Windshield chip and small crack repairs are made with special, clear epoxy glue. The glue is a two-part glue that is mixed just before application and then left to cure on the windshield after application. Once the glue has cured, the repaired area is polished down flat against the rest of the windshield's surface. While it may seem impossible, once the repaired area is fixed, the damaged area will be impossible to locate.

Automotive Windshield Replacement

If your car's windshield is too damaged to be repaired, then you will need to have it replaced. While there are many things you can fix on your vehicle yourself if you possess some basic mechanical skills, windshield replacement isn't ever a DIY project. Your vehicle's windshield is there for your safety, and improperly installed glass is a hazard to your health if you are ever in an accident.

To have the windshield replaced, you have two different choices:

  1. take your car to an auto glass shop
  2. have a mobile repair

If you have the time in your schedule, then you can take your car into an auto glass shop and they will replace the windshield in less than an hour. If your schedule makes it impossible to take the car to the auto glass shop's location, then you can have a mobile repair where the glass technician comes to you.

The Next Step

Finally, now that you have a better understanding of your options for dealing with your car's damaged windshield, it's vital you take the necessary action to fix it as soon as possible. Small chips and cracks will expand as your windshield heats and cools in the outdoor temperatures, and this can make a replacement necessary for a windshield that could otherwise have been repaired.