What Different Bathroom Finish Materials Say About You

Each design choice you make as a homeowner can be a way to reaffirm who you are and what your priorities are. And each material will have its own drawbacks and benefits. Read on to find out more about how different finishes work for different types of people. Wood Wood in bathrooms is a nice choice. Wooden walls are especially interesting because they provide a texture that's unique to find as a bathroom finish. Read More 

Wild & Crazy Kids: Window Repair Options For All Types Of Glass In The Home

If you have multiple children in the home, then you know how wild and crazy things can get on a daily basis. When kids get a little wild and crazy in the house, you want to ensure that they are still being safe and cannot get harmed from things around the home. One area that many parents choose to focus on are the glass elements in the home. Broken glass can cause all kinds of issues, especially when it comes to causing cuts and injuries. Read More 

Features to Include in Your Guest Bathroom

There are certain features that will be universally appealing to most of your guests. When you consider a guest bathroom, finding those upgrades that will impress people of all walks of life is key. Here are some of the features that are part of a great guest bathroom. Neat Plumbing Before you start adding decorative touches to your bathroom, check on the possibility for plumbing repairs. You might want to do a test first to see if you hear leaks or see any fixtures that have condensation on them when not in use (which indicates a leak). Read More 

Designing A Bathroom That’s Comfortable For Everyone

The bathroom is an area of the house where different family members may disagree on design. So if you want to create a bathroom that everyone will feel comfortable in, consider these important tips for construction. Thinking About Height Differences The first thing to note is that a bathroom that is comfortable for the main decision maker of the home might not be perfectly designed for a spouse or child. When there are height differences between members of the family, there are a couple of good solutions. Read More 

Want To Get A New Shower Door? 3 Ways To Spice Up This Addition

Certain features in a bathroom can last several decades with ease such as the sink and floors. You may have noticed that your shower door looks worn down and is ready to be replaced. One option is to get an exact replacement with newer parts so that you can go another few decades without a problem. But, you can also go a little more in-depth to spice up your bathroom with this replacement. Read More