Designing A Bathroom That’s Comfortable For Everyone

The bathroom is an area of the house where different family members may disagree on design. So if you want to create a bathroom that everyone will feel comfortable in, consider these important tips for construction. Thinking About Height Differences The first thing to note is that a bathroom that is comfortable for the main decision maker of the home might not be perfectly designed for a spouse or child. When there are height differences between members of the family, there are a couple of good solutions. Read More 

Want To Get A New Shower Door? 3 Ways To Spice Up This Addition

Certain features in a bathroom can last several decades with ease such as the sink and floors. You may have noticed that your shower door looks worn down and is ready to be replaced. One option is to get an exact replacement with newer parts so that you can go another few decades without a problem. But, you can also go a little more in-depth to spice up your bathroom with this replacement. Read More 

A Guide To Making A Small Bathroom Safer And Easier To Use For Someone With A New Mobility Challenge

If someone you care for has recently suffered an illness or injury that has resulted in new mobility challenges, an important detail to consider is how accessible their existing bathroom will be for their new situation. That is especially concerning if the bathroom in question is small, as its reduced size can make modifications quite challenging. Therefore, it's important to minimize any unnecessary clutter from the room, including items like bulky shower doors that no longer meet their needs and unsafe storage or trash receptacles. Read More 

Protect And Preserve Your Home With Window Tinting Service

It is common for homeowners to make changes to their house to improve their life at home. Certain upgrades are easy to understand such as adding a dishwasher or radiant heat flooring. But, there are other changes that some homeowners do not know about because they are not common to take on. A great example is residential window tinting, which is something that people are used to doing with their cars. Read More 

Four Possible Reasons That Your Sliding Door Refuses To Slide

When starting your day, one of the first things that you do is unlock your doors. However, on this day, your sliding door refuses to slide. Don't force the door open; doing so can cause further damage to your door's hardware, and you can even break your door's glass by forcing it open. Check out some of the most common reasons that your glass door may not slide, and  learn what you can do about it. Read More